Optical Illusions


Chaotic Rotation
Color Rotation
Fill in the Squares
Parallel Distortions
Pogendorf Illusion
Motion Rotation
  If you believe you can rely on your visual senses,

then think again ........

Below are examples of illusions, click on their titles to view them.

  • Chaotic Rotation (click title to view)

    "Chaotic Rotation" is a terrific example of your brain causing perceived motion(the image is a fixed image - i.e. your brain is causing the motion)

  • Color Rotation (click title to view)

    This image demonstrates how color can be changed.

  • Fill in the Squares (click title to view)

    In these examples your brain is "filling in" the spaces between squares.

  • Parallel Line Distortions (click title to view)

    In these examples your brain is being fooled because of the asymmetry to misinterpret the straightness of the lines.  It is similar in nature to the Pogendorf illusion.

  • Pogendorf Illuions (click title to view)

    Pogendorf illusions are often used by magicians.  When a line intersects an object at an angle, the brain will often "misjudge" where it would continue on.

  • Motion Rotation (click title to view)

    The act of moving your head will cause an apparent motion.

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